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The Minelli Material Handler Series


M120 The smallest of the range, suitable for warehouses with limited space. Excellent for feeding tapes or hoppers, presses for paper or material to be shredded, when you need a constant but controlled supply.


M160 The fastest in its class. Versatile and suitable for multiple uses, thanks to the powerful hydraulic system with electronic management is a useful machine in the logistics of waste, paper mills, but also in car demolitions, in the collection of scrap metal and in production of firewood.

M200 (8.3 Metre Reach)

M200 – 8.3 A machine to discover. Ideal when the scrap yard is spread more in height than in width; thanks to the cabin pantograph that rises to 5 meters at the operator eye-level, the load is safer and easier, thanks to a content counterweight the overall dimensions are much reduced to a machine that weighs 20 tons.

M200 (9.3 Metre Reach)

M200 – 9.3 When space is limited and must be exploited even on vertical surfaces. The new four-cylinder common rail engine allows considerable fuel savings, while maintaining the potential of a Material Handler of medium tonnage. The arm over nine meters allows the coverage of a wide working area without large displacements: available with monolithic or second arm with hydraulic extension.

M240 (8.5 Metre Reach)

M240 – 8.5 Suitable for every need. Scrap metals, metal turnings, electric wires, paper, plastics, waste, logs: there is no material that the M240 cannot deal with, there is no scrap yards in which you wouldn’t feel the need. Versatile and capable in the version with hydraulic extension, finds its usefulness in the field of demolition.

M240 (10.0 Metre Reach)

M240 – 10.0 Power and agility at the service of operator. Thanks to the industrial arms that reach as much as 10 meters, the M240 is useful for different applications: from the management of the recyclable waste, sorting and selection of waste packaging, to the heaviest use in the field of handling scrap metal, which profiles or cables of wide sections.

M290 (9.5 Metre Reach)

M290 – 9.5 The best power to weight ratio. Ideal also for heavy applications, powerful and agile in maneuvering. Despite the tonnage of more than 28 tons is able to work even indoors with low heights and with heavy loads, thanks to the strong hydraulic prolongation which extends to 1,300 mm.

M290 (11.0 Metre Reach)

M290 – 11.0 “The Material Handler.” Finds its natural application in each scrap yard, very suitable for the feed of medium to large presses, shears and for the storage of material. Thanks to the out of gauge-carriage has an exceptional stability on wheels, allowing the operator to move throughout the yard with the load.

M290 (12.5 Metre Reach)

M290 – 12.5 This configuration allows you to cover very large areas of work, while maintaining exceptional stability on wheels. At the service of shredders or mills is the machine most in demand for its excellent value for money.

M340 (11.0 Metre Reach)

M340 – 11.0 The most generous. Thirty-four tons placed on an 3-meter wide HD carriage, with a mighty arm arched primary and one secondary with a solid hydraulic prolongation which extends for 1,300 mm. The high load capacity makes this machine essential in the handling of pipes and more generally of rolled semi-finished or as rods, billets, slabs, blooms, coils or cast iron.

M340 (11.6 Metre Reach)

M340 – 11.6 The handler of heavy material . Its arms are indicated for the storege in the heavy scrap processing. Finds its use of excellence in the handling of heavy parts as bases demolition of machinery tools, this model – as above – is employed in metallurgy and steel industries in the handling of ore and scrap, but also of the skulls or scraps, of beams, rails and rolled.


M360 The best. Stable even on the wheels thanks to the HD series 3-meters wide carriage, with high load capacity even at the reach of thirteen meters. A very quick Material Handler with a generous engine combined with well sized hydraulic system, this machine is suitable for outdoor scrap-yards, steel mills or where there is the need for storage in large heaps, with no downtime and also for several shifts.


M380 Particularly popular in large organizations, where the work is carried out in several shifts. Used to power mills and the handling of scrap in large heaps this machine is suitable for heavy duties. The axles and heavy wagon HD will leave surprised to vehicle stability and robustness over time.


M450 How to properly build a modern Material Handler: ultra heavy carriage; 3,2-meters wide HHD axles; 24” wheels on rims with twelve holes. The reach of sixteen meters to get anywhere and the high load capacity make the M450 an amazing machine without competitors. Fast, stable, safe and powerful: good summary result of collaboration between the Italian genius and the best of global technology.

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